THANK YOU, SWISS PREMIUM CHOCOLATE Set of 3 (Handmade and made in Switzerland)

56.97 37.00

The normal price of 3X 100g plate BIO 60% Extra fine dark chocolate THANK YOU is € 56.97

3x plate BIO 60% Extra fine dark chocolate THANK YOU
= € 37.00 which is a 35% discount per plate.

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Don’t forget that B4OU THANK YOU is an exceptional gift, you are offering BIO chocolate, Swiss Premium Chocolate, made in the pure tradition, handmade in Switzerland. Besides, B4YOU gives a percentage of the selling price to various social projects, like for children, diseases, animal care. There is no better gift to say THANK YOU!

Share your story and photos with the people who are important to you. Publish your photos of your friends, acquaintances who have made you happy with a “Swiss Premium Chocolate” THANK YOU. We look forward to your comments on our social networks on our Facebook page on “ in “Instagram” #B4YOUTHANKYOU #B4YOUCHOCOLATE or on LinkedIn and win promotions all year round.

The delivery time may vary depending on stock availability, as the chocolate is handcrafted piece by piece. Don’t worry, you will be informed individually about the delivery.

La petite Chocolaterie

We at B4YOU are proud of our THANK YOU chocolate and therefore want to tell you the extraordinary story of the creator of our delicious chocolate. We were looking for exceptional chocolate with authenticity to offer our customers and their families, friends and professional colleagues a unique and sincere gift, an exceptional product. Therefore, we took the time to test several Swiss chocolate manufacturers. After more than 2 years of searching for the perfect chocolate maker, all over Switzerland, we finally found our “gold piece”. We are pleased to present to you the one who makes it possible for us to offer you this masterpiece THANK YOU chocolate.

Our extraordinary chocolate maker is Mrs. Emmanuelle Lieber. She was born in 1987 in Chateau d`Oex in the canton of Vaud (Switzerland).

In 2003 she completed her apprenticeship as a confectioner at “Jean-Marc Suard” in Fribourg (Switzerland). In 2006 she passed her diploma and flew to Japan for one year to learn Japanese. Fascinated by the country and its culture, she had the opportunity to live with a Japanese family that year. Thanks to this experience, she was able to discover their tradition, cuisine, and culture. When she returned to Switzerland in 2007, she had the desire to discover something new, so she was accommodated as a babysitter for Harumi Klossowska de Rola, the daughter of the painter Balthus and his wife Seksuko Klossowska de Rola. This enabled her to continue her adventure by traveling with this family between Rossinière (Switzerland), Paris (France) and Los Angeles (USA).

After her return, she worked for a year in Cully, Vaud (Switzerland) at “Sonja Desserts en Sante”, which produces exclusively gluten-free pastries. In 2009, she decided to return to Fribourg, where “Jean-Marc Suard” left Emmanuelle in charge of the chocolate factory. In this position, she had the opportunity to learn a lot about chocolate and was responsible for 4 shops in Fribourg.

In 2016 her boyfriend was offered a job as a journalist in Delémont (Switzerland) and she decided to follow him because she wanted a change. So she opened “La Petit Chocolaterie” in Delémont (Switzerland) Emanuelle is passionate, creative and dynamic. She works exclusively with high-quality products and thanks to her professionalism and experience, she was soon able to establish close contact with the people of the canton of Jura and its surroundings.

She has successfully established herself as a family business with the help of her brother “Etienne” and his small team of 5 people. They all work in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. They help her to sell and package the chocolate, which is still made by hand.

For all these reasons, we at B4YOU have decided to produce our THANK YOU chocolate in “La Petite Chocolaterie”. Because we wanted quality, BIO, high-quality products, made in a traditional way and by people who love their profession and who work with passion and creativity. That’s why “THANK YOU” chocolate is a great gift for anyone you want to say thank you at any time.

A big “THANK YOU” to Mrs. Emanuelle Lieber and her whole team!



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